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CALL search

It can often be tough to find a call for funds that suits your idea. In addition, some of these calls can be submitted at any time, but others close on certain dates. 

We constantly monitor the European and Spanish funding bodies to find the best call for your project. 

PARTNER cordiation

Some calls are designed to fund large groups of collaborators from different specialities and countries. Sometimes, project promoters need to find experts in other areas to contribute with their own expertise to create a more rounded and solid project

We are in contact with companies and research groups all over Europe to find the best partners for your project. 

DRAFTING project 

Drafting and writting workpackages, timelines, executive plans, comercial strategies, market surveys, budgets and many other information layers must be perfectly aligned and coherent while following the guidelines of the corresponding call and ensure to comply all its requirements

This text will be carefully reviewed by the evaluation committee of the funding body and will be the basis of the score obtained to compete against other projects. Only the best-placed projects will get the desired funding.


Submitting a proposal is a complex and time-consuming process due to the numerous registration and administrative procedures. This process varies depending on the funding body and it's mandatory to ensure a succesfull proposal submission.

We are specialists in these area and have the ability to deliver a hassle-free experience for you in this process.


In order to implement the project smoothly and comfortably, you'll need financial advice to foresight and justify the expenses. 

Therefore, the  corresponding accountancy must be presented in deliverables to the funding body. This task is preferred to be outsourced because such accounting requieres some background, so your team can focus on their expertise area. We are well aware of this situation and take care of all the paperwork with ease.


At the end of a project, all the activities carried out with the allocated funds must be duly justified. Compliance with the objectives of the expected impacts as well as a correct dissemination and communication of these activities and results are no less important.

We are specialists in this kind of documentation. The correct culmination of so many years of effort can make a big difference in the success of the project and the final funding payment.

How it WORKS?

  1. IDEA definition
  2. FUNDING calls search
  3. WRITE the project
  4. SUBMIT proposal
  5. FUNDS acquisition
  6. EXECUTE project
  7. ACHIEVE objectives 
  8. TERMINATE project


These are on-going projects we've helped in their preparation and execution.

Busters MPAs’

Plastic Busters MPAs provides a comprehensive, multifaceted and coordinated approach to fight marine litter in Mediterranean coastal and marine protected areas towards healthy marine ecosystems.


As a response to the increasing Xylella outbreaks in Europe, the BIOVEXO Project explores innovative biopesticides, which target the Xylella bacterium.

BIOVEXO will provide a mechanistic understanding of the biopesticides’ mode of action to support final product development. Moreover, it will ensure environmental and economic sustainability in preparation for a smooth market entry.



iAtlantic aims to deliver knowledge that is critical for responsible and sustainable management of Atlantic Ocean resources in an era of unprecedented global change. 

Involving marine scientists from countries bordering the north and south Atlantic Ocean, this ambitious project will determine the resilience of deep-sea animals – and their habitats – to threats such as temperature rise, pollution and human activities.

"After many years it's thrilling to see many projects to ACHIEVE  their goals and impacts"

Miguel Hernández 

Senior Project Manager & Consultant

"Innovation is the neatest way to OUTSTAND from your competitors"

Lluís Ballell 

Project Manager & Consultant


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